Michelle Corley, Ph.D.


Virginia State University

Michelle Corley is interim chair of the Department of Agriculture at Virginia State University. She is a professor in the College of Agriculture with more than 20 years of experience in animal health and disease, including expertise in molecular immunology and genetics, ruminant microbiology, molecular genetic screening, and animal care and welfare. Her research focus is genetic disease resistance, particularly gastrointestinal parasites. Her most recent research endeavor is the genetic control of fatty acid metabolism and natural remedies for gastrointestinal parasites in small ruminants. As interim chair, she leads a diverse group of agricultural scientists and engages in the teaching and research training of graduate and undergraduate students, high school teachers and high school students in the areas of animal health and molecular immunology and genetics. A graduate of Auburn University and Tuskegee University, she has initiated a new International Agriculture Certificate program in her department. She is a co-PI for the center.